Lambda cyhalothrin

Broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.  It has contact and stomach action on the target pests.  It is having quick knockdown activity.  It is also having anti feedant and repellent properties for the effective management of crop pests. It controls a wide spectrum of lepidopteran and coleopteran insects.  It is also recommended for control of bolloworms, jassids, thrips in cotton; rice – Leaf rollers, stem borers,green leaf hopper, gall midge, hispa & thrips.  It has moderate effect on sucking pests.  It is also used in public health application.


Brand names Reeva 2.5 EC, Reeva 5 EC, Trekker, Sentry
Technical Lambda cyhalothrin Technical 81% & 95% min.
Formulations Lambda cyhlothrin 2.5% EC (Reeva 2.5 EC)
Lambda cyhlothrin 5% EC (Reeva 5 EC)
Lambda cyhlothrin 2.8% EC (Trekker)
Lambda cyhalothrin 10% WP (Sentry)
Target Crops Cotton, Rice, Vegetables, Chick pea, pigeon pea, Ground nut & Mango
Target Pests Boll worms, Jassids, thrips, leaf folder, borers, leaf hopper & plant hopper, gall midge, Hispa, Mite, whorl maggot & household insects
  Technical Formulation
Packing Type Mild steel drums Aluminium Bottles, Co-extruded Bottles, PET bottles, Trilaminated pouch
Capacity 200 kg 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1L, 5L