Rallis is continually developing and enforcing robust systems and procedures with a firm commitment to safety and reliability of operations, occupational health and a safe working environment. It is focussing on production of environment-friendly formulations through safer chemistry, ensuring safety for all stakeholders. A culture of safety is encouraged across hierarchies by promoting behavioural safety, process safety and road safety as key focus areas among the workforce

As a 'Responsible Care' entity, Rallis India accords the highest priority to stakeholder health and safety. We have created a robust health and safety management system in the organisation, which has ensured that there have been no accidents or process-related incidents reported over the last decade.

At Rallis, the Board of Directors and management team appropriately budgets for and addresses all the relevant EHS parameters in improvement plans and strategic initiatives. Also, it develops policies and standards to fulfil our EHS mandate.

At Rallis, we target a 'Zero Injury' goal. We have broadened the 'Zero Injury' approach as 'Target Zero' with an emphasis on 'Lead by Example' with a special focus on behaviour safety, process safety, and road safety. All our units, warehouse and offices boast of a robust emergency response system equipped with necessary infrastructure, trained personnel and tie-ups with mutual response group.

We particularly focus on two areas of safety — process safety management (PSM) and behaviour-based safety. For PSM, we have adopted responsible care process safety and OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) guidelines and 14 elements-based processes. We conduct thorough PSM and hazard reviews for any new facility/process to ensure implementation of various safety features/standards and recommendations.

To encourage responsible behaviour, we have formulated a policy to govern the consequences of violations by employees of safety norms. As a part of industrial hygiene, we are executing health and hygiene assessments and monitoring individual movements on the shop floor with the help of personal monitors, illumination surveys, noise mapping, and ventilation surveys. We correctly evaluate these surveys' findings and deploy corrective or preventive action in a time-bound manner. We also conduct community awareness programmes on safety-related subjects, such as home safety, road safety and emergency preparedness.

The industry has duly recognised and appreciated our safety orientation. We have received many awards for our processes, including the JRD QV (quality value) awards, CII Exim, and the best compliant company for the process safety code under responsible care. As active members of different committees of ICC, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry), CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Bombay Chambers, etc., we spread awareness about safety within the chemical industry.