Rallis takes pride in being a meritocratic, democratic, transparent and nurturing enterprise. Over the years, its employees have considered it a temple of achievement and learning. Rallis, today, symbolises a workplace that breeds efficiency by blending happiness with education. Here, people overcome challenges, upgrade their skills and even celebrate each others' accomplishments together.

Rallis' invigorating culture has seen it win many laurels, including the certification of 'Great Place to Work' for 2020-21, awarded by the Great Place to Work Institute. The certification testifies to its inclusive culture that inspires a high level of engagement among employees.
Rallis' culture is centred on the pillars of

  • Work-life balance
  • Collaboration
  • Meritocracy
  • Listening to feedback

Work-life balance

Rallis believes in creating a work ecosystem that maximises happiness. Our vibrant work atmosphere creates an optimum balance of work and personal pursuits. Employees participate in games and activities during dedicated fun days, and regularly celebrate birthdays and festivals, etc. Inter-divisional sports tournaments are organised to foster the employees' bond. There are programmes such as annual get-togethers, picnics, etc., for employees and their families.


Rallis believes that an open-door policy motivates the employees to align with the organisation’s values and work ethics. Accordingly, we encourage our employees to actively participate in decision-making through various platforms, including meetings such as BZR (short for 'Bazaar'), Business Plan, Skip Level, CEO etc., and 'Employee Connect'. Employees share suggestions and ideas for business improvement over these platforms.


Rallis is a performance-driven organisation. We evaluate employee performance objectively and reward it suitably. The appraisal reviews are positive exchanges that provide employees with constructive feedback for performance improvement.

We celebrate employees' success by recognising them in various internal forums. Various awards, such as 'Kohinoor', 'Star', ‘Kshetriya Ratna’ and ' Best Performer' motivate and energise the employees.

Listening to feedback

The HR and the departmental teams regularly gather feedback through employee connect and employee engagement surveys to gauge the motivation and efficiency levels in the company. The results and findings from the exercises are analysed to identify areas of improvement.

We conduct employee engagement through Kincentric where confidentiality is maintained and it encourages employees to participate in the surveys and give genuine feedback. for 20-21 our engagement score was 79%

Rallis emphasises continuous learning to upgrade skills. We provide employees with multiple avenues to improve as a professional through virtual and classroom mediums.
Our L&D team regularly conducts training interventions, which include workshops on:

  • Safety
  • Product knowledge
  • 'Campus to Corporate' for fresh recruits
  • Time management
  • Change management
  • De-stressing mechanisms
  • Financial literacy
  • Etiquette
  • Grooming and image management
  • Working with software, including MS Office
  • 'First-Time Manager' to orient new managers in the sales and marketing teams of the Crop Care division
  • 'Driving Excellence' for frontline sales managers of the Seed division

A vital component of the L&D team's interventions is the 'Nine L&D platform', which comprises of a bouquet of developmental resources for employees. The HR team also provides employees with access to various e-learning platforms to improve their skills.

The HR team at Rallis grooms employees identified as potential leaders for leadership positions in the organisation. Through the L&D team, it organises leadership programmes in collaboration with Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC), located in Pune. The programmes are designed to enable participants to develop their people management skills and create powerful business strategies that integrate different functional levers of business.

Rallis ensures that new recruits, such as Executive Trainees, Fixed Term Trainees, Graduate Engineer Trainees, Sales Trainees are suitably orientated after joining the organisation. Apart from induction training, they are assigned an 'HR Buddy', who hand-holds them during the initial teething period to help them acclimatise to Rallis' culture and way of working.

Rallis implements various holistic wellness initiatives to ensure employee wellbeing. The initiatives include:

  • Vantage Fit — a health and wellness feature platform to track health and fitness goals
  • Regular health and wellness talks
  • Regular diagnostic tests for general health
  • Yoga sessions

Rallis' wellness initiatives acquired great significance during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company appointed a central doctor to guide employees during the outbreak. Periodic counselling sessions were organised for the employees and their families. Special inoculation drives ensured high vaccination numbers across the company. A specific task force was created across every zone/function to deal with any health emergency due to a Covid infection. The task force also spread awareness in the organisation about practising Covid-appropriate behaviour.

Rallis has created employee-friendly policies for various aspects of work, such as work timing, leave, sales incentives, Domestic travel policy, employee assistance and role-based care. The policies, aimed at supporting employees, are encapsulated in a comprehensive framework titled 'Revisit & Revitalise'. The framework covers many areas of work, including:

  • Freedom to work and express ideas/innovations
  • Opportunity/tolerance for failure
  • Proximity/access to the leadership
  • Empowerment/delegation of authority
  • Timely recognition