SHRIMPTEK is focused towards Sustainable Shrimp Solutions which brings to you world-class products and solutions for shrimp farming that are built at the intersection of technology of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. With the world class products and solutions we make sure the farmers get better productivity.

PISCITEK is focused towards Sustainable Fisheries Solutions by providing world class nutritional supplements and pond management solutions for sustainable fish farming that are built holistically with probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. Fish Pond management products and solutions provide a thriving environment for the fishes to grow with the nutritional supplements that ensures availability of nutritional factors from the diet and results in better growth of the fish.

CATTLETEK is focused towards Sustainable Dairy Solutions and the focus is to provide products and solutions to improve overall health of the livestock which results in better productivity. To ensure this, CATTLETEK products and solutions are designed at the intersection of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. Enzymes help in improving the ruminant gut health and the world class probiotics & prebiotics helps in improving the overall growth of the animal holistically.