Aqua Yeast

Scientifically formulated feed supplement for fish and shrimp farming


Pack sizes 1 Kg
Category Feed Supplement
Benefits of products 1. Enhances benificial microbes in pond ecosystem
2. Stabilizes pond pH
3. Fast fermentation of fruit juice/molasses/Jaggery
4. Helps in accelerating growth
Dosage Pond Application: 500gm-1Kg of Aqua Yeast per acre of pond or as advised by aqua technician
Feed Supplement: 5gm-10gm of Aqua Yeast oer kg of feed or as advised by aqua technician
Application Method

Pond Application: Add 1 Kg of Aqua Yeast with 5kg of fruit juice/jaggery or molasses in 40-50 L of water. Mix well and brew for overnight and apply the brewed mixture uniformly over the pond or as advised by aqua technician
Feed Application: Add 5-10g of Aqua Yeast/Kg of Feed or advised by feed techncician