Rallis' homecare products comprise effective, safe, easy-to-use chemicals for pest control.

1)      Tata Sentry (Lambda Cyhalothrin 10% WP):
Rallis is the first company in India to manufacture Lambda Cyhalothrin Technical in-house. The chemical composition, approved by WHO (World Health Organisation), wards most household insects, including mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, and other crawling ones. Suitable for frequent application, the product keeps homes and offices pest-free.

2)      Tata TermeX (Imida 30.5% SC):
The odourless chemical provides long-lasting protection to premises, furniture, etc., by completely wiping termite colonies. It is safe and has a low environmental risk compared to other conventional termite repellent chemicals used in India. The treatments are as per the IS 16131 code of practice.

3)      Ralligel plus (Fipronil 0.05%):
A ready-to-use chemical spray for cockroach control. It is suitable for frequent application and provides effective results when applied at an interval of ~6-8 weeks.
Rallis' household products are available across India through our channel partners.