Custom Synthesis Manufacturing (CSM)

Rallis is partnering with leading companies to manufacture commercial-grade crop protection chemicals, speciality chemicals, polymers and intermediates. Rallis' contract manufacturing capabilities include product development, formulation, and commercial-scale production facilities for brands. Along with a cost-effective manufacturing platform, we promise a high degree of confidentiality, unflinching emphasis on quality and strict compliance to global EHS (environment, health and safety) standards.

We have long-standing customer relationships with leading agrochemical companies globally including those in Japan, US and Europe, which testify to our customer-centric ethos, and which drive our growing reputation as a CSM service provider.

Our CSM offerings across the agrochemical value chain:

  • Advanced Intermediates
  • Active Ingredients
  • Formulations

A dedicated CSM vertical leverages Rallis' strengths, such as solid R&D capabilities and enduring customer associations, in the contract manufacturing space.

Our CSM enablers:

1) Strategic alignment – CSM business aligned with Rallis’s renewed focus on Chemistry with significant investment in R&D and manufacturing and building/strengthening partnerships with global agrochemical majors

2) R&D and process scale-up capabilities - A broad range of chemistry platforms and formulation technologies complemented by an experienced team and best-in-class infrastructure

3) Manufacturing excellence – Excellent quality at competitive cost with wide sourcing network, and leadership in EHS

4) Customer engagement - Flexible volume, transparent pricing and agile response, supply security and protection of intellectual property rights