Sustainability has been the nucleus of our strategy. We are committed to deliver products that maintain a safe and secure food supply – with minimal impact on the planet. To reflect this commitment, we have set internal sustainability targets and goals and are continuously improving our environmental profile to help create a better world.

Rallis adopts a triple bottom line approach towards creating a sustainable commercial ecosystem. We focus on the convergence of economic, environmental and social performance to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Rallis is a signatory to the Indian Chemical Council's (ICC) 'Responsible Care Programme' that underlines the chemical industry's ambition to continually better its health, safety, and environmental performance. Accordingly, we continuously attempt to safeguard the environment, improve our occupational safety and health protection parameters, enhance plant safety, and practise product stewardship, over and above the legal statutes.

Modification in the product portfolio, and industrial waste, water and energy management form vital components of our greening initiatives.

Our sustainability agenda also involves improving the lives of our stakeholders. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy extends beyond pure financial support. Through agriculture support programmes, we enable farmers to increase their farm yield without compromising the soil quality and its nutrient composition.

Our CSR interventions are aligned with the Tata Group's focus initiatives. A major component of our CSR thrust is the Tata Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP), which attempts to address the prevailing social inequities in India by encouraging positive discrimination for the people hailing from India's scheduled castes and scheduled tribes (SC/ST). The Affirmative Action (AA) initiatives are a company-wide commitment to improve the lives of people from disadvantaged sections of society.

Our environment-consciousness initiatives, including responsible care logo, ISO-50001, zero-liquid discharge from manufacturing unit, process safety management and behaviour-based safety, have fetched us many recognitions, such as

  • National Energy Conservation Award
  • ICC Award for Best Compliant Company for Process Safety Code under Responsible Care
  • Golden Peacock-Eco Innovation award
  • Two awards for appreciable performance during TATA Volunteer Week (on CSR activities)