Highly versatile broad spectrum organophosphate foliar spray insecticide effective for wide range of sucking and chewing insects. Acephate is acetylcholinesterase (AcHE) inhibitor having systemic with contact and stomach action. Acephate has a quick action with ovicidal properties. It is also effective against mites and nematodes.


Brand names Asataf, Hunk
Technical Acephate (95% & 98% min.)
Formulations Acephate 75% SP (Asataf)
Acephate 90% Prill
Acephate 95% SG (Hunk)
Target Crops Cotton, Rice, Corn, Safflower, vegetables, beans, peanut, tobacco and Non cropped areas (field borders, fence rows, ditch banks, borrow pits)
Target Pests Aphids, jassids, thrips, boll worms, diamond back moth, leaf folder, stem borer, fruit & shoot borer, plant and leaf hoppers, grass hoppers, weevils, leaf beetles, stink bug, crickets
  Technical Formulation
Packing Type Fibre board drum, Jumbo bags, Square drum, HDPE woven sack LDPE pouches, HDPE bags,Trilaminated pouches with LDPE liner, Fiber board drum
Capacity 50 kg,75 kg, 100 kg, 500 kg, 600 kg, 625 kg 100gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg, 25 kg