Fatty acid synthesis inhibitor, by inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase).


  • It has wide application window: 15- 25 days after sowing.
  • It gives early control of weeds hence no competition of weeds and soybean crop, results in better yields.
  • It has very good rain fastness: it is effective even if rains 2hrs after application.
  • It has no residual effect on follow crops.
Crop and Target Weeds Soybean Acalypha indica,Aegyptium,Alternanthera philoxeroides,Amaranthus spp.,Celosia argentea,Cleome viscose,Commelina benghalensis,Dactylectanium,Digera arvensis,Digitaria sanguinalis,Echinochloa spp.,Eleusine indica,Euphorbia spp.,Parthenium spp.,Phyllanthus niruri,Physalis minima,Stellaria media,Trianthema monogyna
Available Packsize 200 ml, 400 ml, 1 L