Copper based multisite-action fungicide with contact activity.


  • Blitox is a broad-spectrum protective fungicide with bactericidal property against key diseases.
  • It is having long lasting effects on target diseases.
  • Blitox is very much helpful in resistance management.
  • Safe to mammals as it's a natural compound.
  • Excellent fungicide to be used during rains or hailstorms.


Crop and Target Weeds Citrus Leaf Spot and Canker
  Cardamom Clump Rot and Leaf Spot
  Chillies Leaf Spot and Fruit Rot
  Betel Foot Rot and Leaf Spot
  Banana Fruit Rot and Leaf Spot
  Coffee Black Rot and Rust
  Cumin Blight
  Potato Early Blight and Late Blight
  Paddy Brown Leaf Spot
  Tobacco Downy Mildew, Black Sank and Frog eye leaf
  Tomato Early Blight, Late Blight and Leaf Spot
  Tea Blister Blight, Black Rot and Red Rust
  Grapes Downy Mildew
  Coconut Bud Rot
Available Packsize 500 g, 25 kg