Safety – A Core Value for Rallis

Rallis is continually developing and enforcing robust systems and procedures with a firm commitment to safety and reliability of operations, occupational health and a safe working environment. It is focussing on production of environment-friendly formulations through safer chemistry, ensuring safety for all the stakeholders.

Introducing the Safety Culture

A culture of safety is encouraged across hierarchies by promoting behavioural safety, process safety and road safety as the key focus areas among the workforce. Work Safe Online (WSO), the e-portal, was implemented to record safety performance and take stringent action on any deviation. To strengthen process safety, started daily Behaviour Safety observation rounds with 100% coverage.

Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Environment

During the year, to enhance process safety, gap assessment was carried out at three technical manufacturing units. The implementation of PSRM (Process Safety and Risk Management) was started at Dahej. To enhance electrical safety, electrical studies were carried out at all the four units.

Our Safety Performance

Process Safety Management

  • An agency was appointed to facilitate implementation of actions for identified gaps and to further strengthen PSRM
  • Adequate steps were taken on process hazard level, analysis and safety information

Rallis’ Safety Programmes

  • The HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis) review was conducted at the four manufacturing units for hazard recognition. HAZOP (Hazard and Operability study) was conducted for critical processes through an external expert agency
  • Under Vehicle Safety, virtual awareness training sessions were conducted to enhance road safety for more than 600 employees