Performance Across Six Capitals: A Quick Reckoner

What this represents

This represents funds deployed in our activities and operations, including shareholders’ funds, equity, short-term debt and operating cash flow. Rallis has a prudent capital allocation strategy for deploying and preserving Financial Capital, with each investment evaluated against targeted return on capital.

Interlinkage with other Capitals

Financial Capital is deployed for operational activities and creating long-term assets, including investment in technologies, infrastructure, manufacturing, working capital, social commitment and human resources. A right mix in each of these enhances other capitals and creates value.

2,429 Crore 2,252 crore (FY 2019-20)

Consolidated Turnover

323 Crore 259 crore (FY 2019-20)


229 Crore 184 crore (FY 2019-20)

Profit after tax

18.4 % 16.3% (FY 2019-20)

Return on capital employed

14.4 % 13.1% (FY 2019-20)

Return on net worth

What this represents

This represents any upgradation, new technology adoption, capacity expansion, greenfield/brownfield facilities, warehouses, formulation units and processing facilities, which together aim towards providing high-quality and cost-effective products to its customers.

11,201.78 MT 9,401 MT (FY 2019-20)

Technical grade Crop Care products manufactured

Interlinkage with other Capitals

All the investments and efforts taken to enhance the Manufactured Capital, with key focus on reliability, safety and sustainability, will have a positive impact on all the other capitals.

16,584.36 MT/KL 16,833 MT\KL (FY 2019-20)

Formulations manufactured


(Ankleshwar and Dahej)

6,377.24 MT/KL

7,377 MT\KL (FY 2019-20)

5,324.70 MT/KL

4,311 MT\KL (FY 2019-20)


(Lote and Akola)

6,231.26 MT

5,752 MT (FY 2019-20)

9,852.94 MT/KL

8,796 MT\KL (FY 2019-20)

What this represents

This represents our proprietary processes in chemistry and formulations, germplasm, patented and unpatented products, brands, IT applications, trademark, packaging, partnerships and other tangible and knowledge-based assets.


Innovation Centres

Interlinkage with other Capitals

The Company develops leverages and protects Intellectual Capital through investment in technology, internal processes, partnerships and skilling human resources. Efforts on building Intellectual Capital enhances all other capitals.

41 Crore 34 crore (FY 2019-20)

Investment in R&D

22 Crore 18 crore (FY 2019-20)

Rallis Innovation Chemistry Hub (RICH), Bengaluru

19 Crore 16 crore (FY 2019-20)

Hybrid seeds development and Agri Biotech R&D facility, Bengaluru

Innovation Turnover Index

11.64 % 15.76 % (FY 2019-20)

Crop Care

15.11 % 12.60 % (FY 2019-20)


KL: Kilolitre MT: Metric Tonne MCM: Million Cubic Metre MT\KL: MT or KL

What this represents

This represents our highly engaged workforce across locations, which drives our business and creates value for all our stakeholders. The high employee engagement score and certification of being a “Great Place to Work” is a reflection of the Company’s efforts in providing a safe, conducive, challenging and rewarding work environment.

Interlinkage with other Capitals

Effective utilisation of all capitals depends on Human Capital. Investment in enrichment of Human Capital helps deliver sustained value to all the stakeholders, with optimal usage of all other capitals.

79 % 76% (FY 2018-19)*

Employee engagement score

₹ 1.43 Crore ₹ 1.40 crore (FY 2019-20)

Turnover per employee

1,647 1,560 (FY 2019-20)


53 50 (FY 2019-20)


*External survey conducted every alternate year

What this represents

As a “Responsible Care logo-holding Company”, Rallis is committed to adhering to the highest level of safety, preservation and optimisation of natural resources. It is committed to minimise the negative impact of operations through investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction across all facilities.

Interlinkage with other Capitals

The Company takes significant actions to negate its impact on the environment through appropriate investment in technology, processes, skilling and creating awareness among farmers and the society.

3,29,590.61 KL 3,24,555 KL (FY 2019-20)

Fresh water consumption (water withdrawal)

Solar Energy

3,464 MWh 3,271 MWh (FY 2019-20)

Utilisation of renewable energy

Bio Fuel

11,707.17 MT 11,994 MT (FY 2019-20)

Utilisation of renewable energy

What this represents

This represents the bond Rallis has developed with its communities through various CSR interventions. Social Capital helps in establishing good relations with all stakeholders. Relationship Capital not only helps in creating a strong bond with the community, but also bridges Government support and creates value for each of them.

Interlinkage with other Capitals

The Company follows the Triple Bottom Line concept for driving sustainable businesses. It is strengthening its environment and social initiatives to drive performance in a responsible way.

2.49 Lakh 2.45 Lakh (FY 2019-20)

Employee engagement score

Touched 70 villages in 8 districts Harvested 3.08 MCM water

Impact of Jal Dhan programme in Maharashtra


Net promoter score

26 million

Number of contacts with farmers


Number of schools covered in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh