Accelerating Innovation in a Changing World

In line with its mission of “Serving Farmers through Science”, the Company leverages science at its research facilities, recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). It aims to develop innovative solutions by engaging with farmers to enable them to excel in farming activities.

Key Focus Areas

Developments in FY 2020-21

Introducing New Products in Crop Care
  • Developed 3 new in-house Crop Protection and 3 in-house Crop Nutrition products
  • Obtained 9 registration approvals internationally
  • Obtained 13 registrations in India under different categories
  • Obtained label expansion for three products on 14 different crops
Accelerating New Product Launches in Seeds

A key focus of Seeds division is to accelerate new product delivery by reducing cycle time making early selections and building native traits into new inbreds. This is achieved through forward-breeding approaches, a combination of speed breeding and molecular marker technologies.

Strengthening R&D

Rallis Innovation Chemistry Hub (RICH) focusses on novel combinations of Active Ingredients across the Insecticide, Fungicide and Herbicide segments. A strong pipeline has been conceived and diligent progress has been made in R&D using the Stage-Gate process. The seeds R&D centre, which is also in Bengaluru, focusses on cutting-edge technologies such as Gene editing for trait improvement. Improved molecular marker tools were optimised to deliver solutions for better plant growth, nutrition and disease and pest tolerance.

Scaling up Agri-biotech R&D facility

Rallis is working on a comprehensive application for taking up biosafety studies and the next level of field trials for Insect Resistance (IR) and Herbicide Tolerance (HT) traits in Cotton and Maize. Post-approvals, the team will conduct trials in relevant geographies.

Crop Protection Category-wise Innovation Turnover Index (ITI)