Looking Ahead

Rallis remains committed to creating a positive impact in the agricultural sector. We have listed out seven key areas where we aim to further improve to secure the future of agriculture. We aim to turn these commitments into real, measurable benefits for farmers.

Rallis displayed its commitment towards sustainability by:

  • Phasing out entire red triangle (extremely toxic) products and emphasised on green triangle (slightly toxic) products
  • Developing more water-based formulations compared to solvent-based formulations to reduce environmental impact
  • Improving soil health by introducing ‘GeoGreen’ an organic manure to improve physicochemical properties of the soil, with a focus on yield enhancement
  • Setting up the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Excellence (C-SAFE), a platform to pilot new technologies and approaches to achieving farm excellence

We are taking steps to enhance productivity of major crops and increase farm yields by:

  • Offering crop solutions from seeds to crop care products, ensuring complete crop protection from pests, diseases and nutritional deficiency
  • Our crop-specific foliar nutrition range ensures that the plant receives the right nutrition
  • GeoGreen improves soil health through an improvement in C:N ratio (Carbon : Nitrogen)

Rallis believes that the farming community can be empowered through information dissemination. The Rallis Samrudh Krishi (‘RSK’) programme is one such initiative.

  • RSK platform provides holistic agro-advisory services from seeds to harvest, including digital technology-enabled agronomy and weather information services
  • This one-stop solution provides features on customised package of practices, weather information, mandi information, crop solutions, complaint/query resolution and personalised advisory through farm visits

Rallis is a ‘Responsible Care’ Company that acknowledges the hazardous nature of its crop protection products:

  • It places utmost importance on the well-being and safety of farmers using these products
  • Its objectives go beyond generating profits, as it actively participates in promoting safe use of crop protection chemicals

Rallis is expanding the use of digital tools to deliver benefits to growers and convert data into knowledge, insights and wisdom:

  • Drishti programme uses data from weather stations, remote sensing satellites and ground-based information to provide comprehensive data to growers on weather and pest forecast, crop health and nutrition information
  • Rallis has digitised the package of practices and made available through mobile apps and its call centre. Company leverages digital technology in our seed production to enhance productivity
  • Hybrid Advancement Trials data is captured and analysed electronically into insights to derive best hybrid candidates

Rallis continues to capitalise on value derived from working with partners and scaling up sustainable agricultural practices:

  • It is reputed for its strategic partnerships with various alliance partners, which helps in early introduction of new chemistry products in the portfolio
  • Its alliance partners help in development of new combination products involving its own technical products and partners’ patented chemistries
Building Capacities Across Chemistry and Formulations

Rallis is enhancing its portfolio across business segments. It is investing in capacities to adopt newer chemistries and formulations.

During the year, it expanded capacities of Active Ingredients, progressed construction of new formulation facilities and initiated work on a new multi-purpose plant.

Achieving Deeper Market Penetration

Rallis has a wide portfolio in crop protection, crop nutrition and seeds to address the needs of the diversified Indian market. It continues to penetrate further in the market by:

  • Expanding Active Ingredient and formulations portfolio
  • Launching new products across business
  • Creating unique brand identity for better visibility
  • Developing digital tools for better market connect
Maintaining R&D Focus

To further strengthen its innovation capabilities, Rallis has initiated the construction of a state-of-the-art integrated research centre at Bengaluru.

Expanding Contract Manufacturing

Rallis is focussed on expanding its contract manufacturing base by leveraging its chemistry strength. It has created a dedicated business development and research team for this and is committed to make appropriate investments in flexible manufacturing capacities.