Integrating Sustainability

Sustainability has been the nucleus of our strategy. We are committed to deliver products that maintain a safe and secure food supply – with minimal impact on the planet. To reflect this commitment, we have set internal sustainability targets and goals and are continuously improving our environmental profile to help create a better world.

Performance of Rallis

Water Conservation

23,102 KL(38,275 KL in FY 2019-20)

Recycling and reusing treated wastewater

3.08 MCM (1.97 MCM in FY 2019-20)

Rainwater harvested by CSR projects

Effluent Management

1,05,505 KL (1,33,515 KL in FY 2019-20)

Treatment of effluents generated

72,127 KL(93,717.36 KL in FY 2019-20)

Water discharge

Waste Management

30,576.32 MT(21,366.00 MT in FY 2019-20)

Hazardous waste generated

2,027.66 MT(1,437.21 MT in FY 2019-20)

Non hazardous waste

40.09 %(52.78% in FY 2019-20)

Hazardous waste utilised

Reducing Carbon Footprint

3,40,22,168 KWh(3,22,21,830 KWh in FY 2019-20)

Absolute energy (electricity) consumed

1,067.35 KWh/MT(1,130.95 KWh/MT in FY 2019-20)

Produced energy (electricity) utilised

Air Emissions

13,681.92 Kg/Month

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

14,236.60 Kg/Month

Sulphur oxides (SOx)

23,535.11 Kg/Month

Suspended particulate matter

GHG Emissions

39,385.31 MTCO2(23,167.71 MTCO2 in FY 2019-20)

Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions

28,343.39 MTCO2(26,421.9 MTCO2 in FY 2019-20)

Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions

1,533.50 MTCO2(216.69 MTCO2 in FY 2019-20)

Scope 3 GHG emission

GHG Emission Intensity

2.17 MT* (1.70 MT in FY 2019-20)

*Based on the production volumes of crop care at 4 manufacturing locations and seeds drying unit at Kokonda, Telangana

Reduction in Energy Consumption

63.60 KWh/MT Production(127.0 KWh/MT in FY 2019-20)

Electricity consumption per MT reduced

14,76,937.70 KWh(12,25,974.75 KWh in FY 2019-20)

Increase in total electricity consumption

Energy Consumption within the Organisation

Direct Energy Consumptions
Name of Energy Unit FY 2019-20 FY 2020-21
Diesel Litre 1,42,329 1,33,404
Furnace Oil Litre 5,55,235 5,90,218
Bio Mass MT 11,994.36 11,707.17
LPG Canteen Kgs 4,065 46,206.50
Solvent Losses Kgs 34,55,102.67 37,85,226.06
Company Vehicle Petrol Litre - 160
Indirect Energy Consumptions KWh 3,22,21,830.17 3,40,22,168
Scope 3 Indirect Energy Consumptions
Shift Buses - Diesel Litre 75,043.2 6,02,678.83
Shift Buses - CNG Kg - 2,201.90

Note: There are considerable differences in few of the emission parameters over previous year in view of the inclusion of Seeds drying unit, compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, increase in production volumes, etc.