Building Future Leadership

At Rallis, we refreshed and institutionalised our policies, benefits and frameworks to provide employees with the right growth opportunities. While adding diversity and inclusiveness, we nurtured a high-performance culture and built future leadership.

Learning & Development

  • We engaged with 85% of our employees through various need-based training programmes and registered 4.54 man-days per employee
  • Under e-Learning, we developed a digital library on MyDarpan, a Human Resource platform. Over a dozen customised e-learning modules are available in the library for self-paced learning. This learning continued despite the pandemic through virtual mode.
  • Close to 300 employees underwent e-learning certification courses, such as e-induction, cyber security and anti-bribery, among others

Managerial & Leadership

A certification program is designed for newly promoted first-time managers to undergo learning.


Employees from Seeds division underwent Management Development Program (MDP), virtual instructor-led learning on leadership


Employees attended the Development Centre (DC), detailed feedback given to participants on performance and career progression


Employees from R&D participated in the 36th Tata Group e-Merging Leadership Seminar (TGeLS)


Employees were nominated in open learning webinars conducted by CII, FICCI, PHDCCI, Bombay Chamber of Commerce


Employees registered for the ‘En-rich’ e-learning programme

Employee Appraisals

The Company ensures fair appraisal of employees on their performance and behavioural attributes based on Tata Leadership Practices (TLPs) to keep them motivated and engaged. The process of performance management starts from goal cascading and concludes with annual performance assessment and feedback. KRAs are set based on four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard and graded by the employees and the reporting manager.

Succession Planning

Succession planning focusses on mapping of critical positions. Future roles and responsibilities, past performance, strengths, weaknesses, potential and work level fit are considered for identifying successors.

Employee Engagement Survey

Rallis undertakes Employee Engagement Surveys to ascertain satisfaction level of its employees. Various listening and learning posts are used to capture and identify factors affecting workforce satisfaction.

Improving Performance