The Value We Create Across the Six Capitals

Financial Capital is a critical input in the conduct of our business activities. It comprises funds generated from operations which is deployed in investing and financing activities.

₹ 2,604 crore

Consolidated Turnover(₹ 2,429 crore)*

₹ 274 crore

EBITDA(₹ 323 crore)*

₹ 164 crore

Profit After Tax(₹ 229 crore)*


Return On Capital Employed(17.7%)*


Return On Net Worth(15.2%)*

Our Manufactured Capital represents our plants, physical assets, warehouses and logistics facilities. We use these for production, storage and distribution of Crop Care products and Seeds. Investments in Manufactured Capital include technology upgradation, new technology adoption, capacity expansion and new Greenfield facilities aimed at providing high quality and cost-effective products to our customers. Reliability, safety and sustainability are accorded high priority on capital investments.

Technical grade Crop Care products manufactured

11,333 MT(11,200 MT)*

Formulations manufactured

18,856 MT\KL(19,369 MT\KL)*

Manufacturing Plants

Technical grade Crop Care products manufactured

Formulations manufactured

Gujarat(Ankleshwar and Dahej)

6,933 MT\KL(6,800 MT\KL)*

Maharashtra(Lote and Akola)

4,400 MT\KL(4,400 MT\KL)*

6,438 MT\KL(7,415 MT\KL)*

12,418 MT\KL(11,954 MT\KL)*

The above numbers are excluding third party formulation production

*FY 2020-21 figures

Intellectual Capital refers to our collective knowledge, research, thought leadership and intellectual property that supports our business activities and helps us develop superior products. We work on strengthening our innovation quotient and delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders. This capital also encompasses our world-class technology and our robust processes and systems which help us improve our process efficiency and optimise resource utilisation.

₹ 47 crore

Investment in R&D(₹ 41 crore)*


Research and Development Centres

₹ 25 crore

Rallis Innovation and Chemistry Hub (RICH), Bengaluru(₹ 22 crore)*

₹ 22 crore

Hybrid seeds development and Agri Biotech R&D facility, Bengaluru (₹ 19 crore)*

Innovation Turnover Index


Crop Care(11.64%)*


Seeds (15.11%)*

Innovation Turnover Index is the revenue share of products launched in last 4 years

*FY 2020-21 figures

Human Capital represents our employees’ collective experience and competencies directed towards enhancing the stakeholder value we deliver. We invest in their skill building, engagement and their welfare activities.


No. of Employees(1,700)*


Employee Engagement Score(92% in FY 2019-20)#

₹ 1.52 crore

Turnover Per Employee(₹ 1.43 crore)*

Gender Diversity

Male: 1,655


Female: 61


*FY 2020-21 figures

Social and Relationship Capital refers to the value we derive from our enduring relationships with customers, investors, suppliers and the communities we operate within. It implies the bonding created with the communities through our CSR interventions.

Rallis works towards supporting communities and improving their quality of life. It also provides relief work such as flood relief and COVID-19 relief.

Natural Capital refers to the natural resources the Company uses to create and maximise value for the stakeholders. These include conservation of energy and water, management of waste and optimised usage of raw materials. We make regular investments in this capital to carry out our sustainable operations. Some of our key Natural Capital initiatives are listed below:

3,14,259 KL

Fresh Water Consumption(3,29,591 KL)*

3,483 MWh

Utilisation of Solar Energy(3,464 MWh)*

11,340 MT

Utilisation of Bio Fuel(11,707 MT)*

*FY 2020-21 figures