Driving Innovative Growth.
Achieving Economies of Scale.

We have a culture of innovation and promote it strongly to lay the foundations for our future. We make efficient use of our resources, besides increasingly using clean and environmentally sound technologies and processes.

Innovation-based initiatives in FY 2021-22

Crop Care

  • New introductions of PePe, Prodim and Preet Plus provide opportunities in the fast growing domestic herbicide segment
  • Zaafu, the first granular fungicide for Paddy sheath blight management, will leverage our strength in the Paddy crop
  • Crop Nutrition has been further strengthened with the launch of 6 new and differentiated products
  • Intensified activities on developing cost-effective synthesis processes for prioritised Active Ingredients and formulations, resulted in filing of 6 patents and 3 PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications


  • Introduced new hybrid Paddy DR 8336 with bold grain for the medium maturity segment
  • The North Cotton segment was further strengthened with the launch of Pravir, adding to the launch of Diggaz in the previous year
  • GM Maize and Cotton events for herbicide tolerance and insecticide resistance moved to the next phase of trials (BRL-1 stage)

Innovation Turnover Index

Innovation Turnover Index is expected to improve as field level engagement has increased following the decline in COVID-19 infections.