Conducting Our Business with Integrity

Good governance has been the foundation of conducting our business. To maintain the highest standards of governance and ensure ethical conduct, various policies, processes and procedures are in place.

Rallis has been led by an active and experienced Board, along with various Committees, each having a clear mandate laid out in the Charters and Terms of Reference. Our overall governance framework, systems and processes are designed to reflect and support our mission, vision and values. Our Senior Leadership operates under the guidance of the Board and Committees and is tasked with responsibilities to ensure smooth business functioning and to keep the Board well informed.

Board of Directors

Mr. Bhaskar Bhat

Chairman and Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Dr. C. V. Natraj

Non-Executive Independent Director

Ms. Padmini Khare Kaicker

Non-Executive Independent Director

Dr. Punita Kumar Sinha

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr. R. Mukundan

Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Mr. Sanjiv Lal

Managing Director & CEO

Board Committees

1 Audit Committee

2 Nomination and Remuneration Committee

3 Stakeholders Relationship Committee

4 Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

5 Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee

6 Risk Management Committee



Board Composition

The above charts denote the number of Directors